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"If only we spent more time on foresight, we would need to spend less time on hindsight".

Business Strategy and Development Implementation

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"To contribute to Clients' improved business performance by understanding their needs, and then fully meeting their expectations in every intervention."


Business Strategy Development and Implementation

We believe strongly in the principle that "If only we spent more time on foresight, we would need to spend less time on hindsight".

"Control your destiny, or someone else will." When starting to think about how to approach the whole Strategy Process, it is useful to work within a framework which moves the ideas in a logical sort of way. Our approach prompts people to start to think creatively about the future, by doing some Scenario Planning.

By thinking about the future and by making some decisions regarding what kind of future we want for our organisation, we can then develop a strategy to deliver that future. As Jack Welch (former CEO of GE) says in the title of one of his books: "Control your destiny, or someone else will."

Once the organisation has decided where it needs to go over the next few years, we work with the top team to develop the strategy, by focusing on three key elements: Vision (what good looks like), Mission (what we need to do to achieve the Vision), and Reward (the success and benefits we want to get from this work).

We use a variety of tools and processes to support the Top Team in developing a strategy. But we do not stop there. Our particular strengths lie in our experience and ability to empower the Client to develop real and practical Action Plans within sensible time frames.


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