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At the heart of business success lie the human factors of creativity, energy, motivation,

Organisation & People Development

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"To contribute to Clients' improved business performance by understanding their needs, and then fully meeting their expectations in every intervention."


Organisation & People Development

At the heart of business success lie the human factors of creativity, energy, motivation, skills and shared learning. It is not simply about acquiring greater skills and knowledge, important as these are.

We care deeply about the talent which exists in everyone These are givens, in the same way as price and quality are givens whenever a business transaction is at stake. What sets organisations apart is their focus on growing overall capability and effectiveness in relation to business strategy.

People development, in our context, is the planned and purposeful process for enabling managers' performance in their place of work.

We design and support activities which help managers to develop the awareness, insights, and behavioural qualities, as well as the skills, in order to do their jobs effectively. We care deeply about the talent which exists in everyone, and, through our work, we commit to unleash the potential that leads to high performance.

Marcinowicz works with clients firstly to identify and articulate the real needs and priorities of management and leadership performance. We then jointly develop objective-specific, practical interventions. Prior to any intervention starting, we agree, as with any other kind of financial investment, practical measures which will demonstrate whether the objectives have been met in both qualitative and quantitative terms. These interventions cover a variety of topics:


Our processes are built around sound and well tested tools. At the same time, they are tailored to suit each client's requirements. Working from a menu of ideas, we develop programmes flexible in content and duration, without compromising on key aspects. These may comprise one to one initiatives, working with groups and teams (e.g. a Top Team), or running a training programme.

A commitment by Marcinowicz to run a particular process is given only after a rigorous diagnosis of the real needs is carried out. Our overriding principle is that all interventions need to be aligned with business objectives, and need to demonstrably add to the bottom line.

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